Social Media Advertising

Get your tailored message in front of targeted social media users, when they are most receptive…

Social Media Advertising is getting bigger and bigger – with an estimated spend of above $14 billion by 2018, from $5.1 billion in 2013 (1), it can no longer be considered a vacuous slogan.

Imagine a way to target very specific prospects when they are spending their ‘me’ time catching up with friends or updating their news feed; doing what they like most… When they are most receptive to non-intrusive advertising, blending with their current experience… This is when social Media Advertising steps in, allowing you to carefully display your message to a predisposed group of individuals ready to discover your brand and your offer.

While great for brand awareness and exposure, Social Media Advertising has also proven to generate much better click through rates both on desktop and mobile ads (2), being a tangible driver of leads and sales. If you are not envisaging promoting on social networks, now is definitely the time to do so.

The team at digitaladvertisingWorks assesses your needs and objectives and looks for the most suitable social media platform, always focusing on your target audience and where it hangs out.

Our job…

  • To plan, design and implement the most profitable Social Media Campaign according to your marketing strategy

Our process…

A typical Social Media Campaign is articulated around the following core elements:

  • Implement our “Why, What If and How” digital advertising research methodologies
  • Understand your specific campaign objectives: brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, sales
  • Precisely identify your target audience and where they spend their time online
  • Select the most appropriate social media platforms for your campaign
  • Isolate the key elements of your message and incorporate those in the creative
  • Design, structure and build your Social Media Campaign in line with its objectives and targets
  • Create benchmarks, KPI’s and measurable
  • Recommend custom campaign budgets according to above elements
  • Constantly monitor, optimise and perfect your Social Media Campaign, notably based on A/B testing
  • Report on successes and suggest new ways of reaching your goals

By selecting digitaladvertisingWorks to work on your Social Media Campaign, you partner with an agency with a proven track record of successful campaign generation and optimisation; a team who looks at the big picture and is willing to help you generate the best of returns today.

digitaladvertisingWorks will ensure your Social Media Campaign helps you uncover new avenues, new leads, new potential – so let’s get in touch.


Our Partners

digitaladvertisingWorks is a Business Unit of  iiWorks and we are proud to Partner with some of the world’s leading Digital Marketing solutions and networks, working together to deliver exceptional results for our Clients around the globe.

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  • Sempo
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Wordpress
  • Marin Software


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