Rich Digital Media

Interact with your prospects and make a durable impression…

Rich Media Advertising pushes the boundaries. Your prospect is in the driver seat and interacts with your ad and message, expanding the creative, clicking on its elements, playing a mini-game or filling up a form – all within the ad itself… If engagement is what you are looking for, then Rich Media Ads allow users to interact with your creative message. Not only are Rich Media Ads standing out from the crowd, being real eye catchers in their own right, they most notably make a durable impression on your prospects, thanks to their storytelling and innovative abilities.

The team at digitaladvertisingWorks discusses your needs and objectives and starts working on the most existing of all digital canvases; always looking for the most profitable return for your brand.

Whether you are willing to simply generate clicks or expand on brand awareness, Rich Media aligns with the highest of expectations. User response, engagement and storytelling take your brand message to another level.

Our job…

  • To design and implement the most innovative, creative and successful Rich Media Campaign according to your marketing strategy

Our process…

A typical Rich Media Campaign is articulated around the following core elements:

  • Implement our “Why, What If and How” digital advertising research methodologies
  • Understand your specific campaign objectives: brand awareness, engagement, user response
  • Identify your target audience and where they usually look for products or services you offer at that stage of the buying cycle
  • Select the most appropriate media platforms for your campaign
  • Isolate the key elements of your message and apply those decision-makers in efficient and eye-catching creatives
  • Design, structure and build your Rich Media Campaign in line with its objectives and targets
  • Create benchmarks, KPI’s and measurable
  • Recommend custom campaign budgets according to above elements
  • Constantly monitor, optimise and perfect your Rich Media Campaign, notably on placements and media buys grounds
  • Report on successes and suggest new ways of reaching your goals

By selecting digitaladvertisingWorks to work on your Rich Media Campaign, you invest in a fully tested and proven system that will look for marketing opportunities and always align with your business requirements.

digitaladvertisingWorks will make sure your Rich Media Campaign becomes a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, working towards your tailored objectives – so let’s get in touch.

Our Partners

digitaladvertisingWorks is a Business Unit of  iiWorks and we are proud to Partner with some of the world’s leading Digital Marketing solutions and networks, working together to deliver exceptional results for our Clients around the globe.

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  • Sempo
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Wordpress
  • Marin Software


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