Qualify your leads and finalise the sale…

Remarketing allows you to qualify your leads, tactically remind your potential customers of your offering, and then finalise the buying cycle when your prospects are ready to do so. The key here is the never ending segmentation principles that you can apply to your audience lists – and to the customised message they need to see before converting.

The team at digitaladvertisingWorks gets involved from the ground up, qualifying your audience lists and defining where they need to see your commercial offer to convert at the best possible rate.

When rightfully implemented, Remarketing gives you an extended second chance of getting your message across – even when your prospects are not using Google.

Our job…

  • To successfully segment your audience and display your most relevant message to your most qualified leads

Our process…

Remarketing being deeply tied to your Search Engine Marketing efforts, it first involves a fully optimised PPC account setup. The Remarketing Campaign is then structured around those key elements:

  • Implement our “Why, What If and How” digital advertising research methodologies
  • Understand the specifics of your campaign and your Cost Per Acquisition objectives
  • Apply the Remarketing code elements to your website as to capture your most important visitors
  • Segment your audience and define personas according to their own conversion potential
  • Establish the individual key factor which will convert lookers into bookers
  • Design, structure and build your Remarketing campaign in line with its targets
  • Create benchmarks, KPI’s and measurable
  • Recommend custom campaign budgets according to above elements
  • Constantly monitor, optimise and perfect your Remarketing Campaigns
  • Report on successes and suggest new ways of reaching your goals

The team at digitaladvertisingWorks is fully qualified and experienced in helping you discover, define and bank on your most promising visitor types – then tailor your offer to make sure it strikes the right chord with them and in fine raises your conversion rate.

digitaladvertisingWorks will assist you in investing your marketing dollars when and where you have the best possible opportunities to convert – so let’s have a chat.

Our Partners

digitaladvertisingWorks is a Business Unit of  iiWorks and we are proud to Partner with some of the world’s leading Digital Marketing solutions and networks, working together to deliver exceptional results for our Clients around the globe.

  • Google
  • Sempo
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Wordpress
  • Marin Software


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