Remarketing Benefits – What You Have To Know

Remarketing provides you with a straightforward method of exposing your potential customers to your marketing message. However, there are several other benefits that are probably not as easy to determine right away…

Most marketing specialists will agree that a potential customer will need to be exposed to an advertisement several times before he or she makes a purchasing decision. Even though the number of necessary exposures is often disputed, most people do agree that a single exposure does very little. The fact is – repetition matters.

What are the specific benefits of setting up a remarketing strategy?

Improving brand recall

You cannot force anyone to buy your product (if only it were that easy), but remarketing is a great way to remind prospective customers of your brand. It will provide ongoing brand reminders wherever they go on the web. More importantly, a remarketing message can display reminder ads throughout the web and help recall a message viewed on the original brand website.

Augment conversion rates

By using remarketing, it is possible to get visitors that are currently involved in a conversion process back into a sales scenario. You can imagine to specifically target those customers who only made it to step two of the check process. Remarketing ads can help draw in those undecided, yet interested, customers by using interesting relevant marketing content.

Audience targeting

It is an exceedingly powerful marketing strategy to target a specific audience with a specific message. This means that only those customers that you want to target are actively going to be targeted by your remarketing ads.

One of the best methods of making remarketing work for you is by having a very specific, tactical message that is going to draw customers onto your website. One such example would be an exclusive offer not available to first-time visitors. You not only draw the customer back in, but you are also giving them a benefit to making their purchasing decision right away.

Increase ad relevancy

One of the primary reasons that remarketing works as well as it does is because you are able to deliver specific ads based on previous actions undertaken by the customer. This makes it possible to appeal to the interests of your visitors by displaying an appropriate message rather than using a generic (non-specific) ad message.

Alternatively, if a visitor lands on a specific product page (indicating that he or she at least has some interest in that specific product), you may want to expose the prospective customer to a remarketing ad of that specific product throughout their web experience.

Reduce loss

It is possible to re-engage visitors that have already left your website. Both brand engagement and brand recall are sub-facets of this point. In other words, remarketing gives you a chance to ‘re-interest’ a client that you might have otherwise lost already. The combination of remarketing with standard ads, social referrals, and SEO can provide a secondary line of attraction to a brand.

Not only does the reduction of loss mean that you are actively working on the prevention of leads, but you also increase your opportunity for sales because of the higher conversion potential that a client has when they revisit your website after remarketing.

As a conclusion…

With remarketing, you are effectively marketing to people who have already shown that they are interested in your services or product. This means that you optimally use your advertising budget. Even existing customers will benefit from regular brand reminders while each unique impression increases the chances that you will gain a new purchase.

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