Dynamic Remarketing – AdWords’ take on targeted retail advertising

Implement targeted retail advertising in your AdWords campaigns with Dynamic Remarketing…

With Google’s recent announcement of adding dynamic remarketing (Google’s phrasing for dynamic retargeting), more and more retailers are interested in finding out how they can remarket their product and why this would be beneficial.

By using cookie-technology, Google’s dynamic remarketing makes it possible to present highly customised display advertisements based on user’s previous experiences. This allows you to use prior website engagement and activity to serve targeted advertisements to your potential customers.

Instead of getting the same generic advertisements, you are offering ads that have the greatest chance of making an impact, of converting possible buyers into actual buyers, and generating more overall web traffic.

What does it do?

Dynamic remarketing makes it possible to evaluate your users’ past engagement and generate personalised advertisements based on that. Specifically, this means that advertisements are based on past purchases, geographical location, items left in their shopping cart, or products that the viewer has looked at before.

Essentially, this means that you use great precision and efficiency in a digital marketing environment to execute your marketing objectives. According to Google, the dynamic marketing option has been a complete success. In fact, Google suggests that in some cases, the click-through-rate (CTR) has increased upwards of 450 percent thanks to dynamic retargeting.

Why it works

You know that you get an in-depth breakdown of who you want to market to again using dynamic remarketing, how can you use this to improve your ROI? These are just a few of the major reasons:

1. Increase your brand awareness through remarketing.

This is not just about getting your customer to buy a specific product, remarketing is also about increasing exposure to your brand.

2. Out of sight out of mind, but not anymore.

The fact that you can continue addressing consumers who were on your website before after they leave means that you are able to generate constant reminders about something that they were already interested in. These reminders are likely to influence their purchasing decision.

3. Invest your money where it will reach interested potential customers.

You can decrease the advertising budget you spend on people who did not view or click a product. Perhaps people were simply not interested. Even though you can still attempt to engage these customers, chances are that your budget is better spent elsewhere.

4. You can use tailored messages to drive people towards your site.

We all know that specifically-tailored messages are going to be far more successful at getting customers to come back to your site, especially when compared to the traditional, generic ads that they see everywhere.

How it stands out

Google’s Dynamic Remarketing is not the only remarketing option on the market. However, the fact that you can use this yourself within AdWords without any additional fee really makes this stand out. Reengagement is a data-proven key to doing business, especially because we know that not everyone is going to buy the first time he or she visits a website.

For those already on the Google platform, dynamic remarketing is a welcome addition. It will be interesting to see how Google is going to compete with those retargeting providers who offer robust product suites. In order to attract an even larger user base, Google may have to offer retargeting outside of the Google Merchant Centre.

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