Bing Ads – Pay Per Click Advertising

Similar to another well-known Search Engine, Bing offers Pay Per Click advertisement solutions to marketers looking to for increased visibility and optimal positioning on their search engine results pages.

Bing Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system; where the advertiser specifies how much he wishes to pay per each click on its ads. During the bid auction, the system looks at a mix of items such as relevance to the search term, desired maximal bid amount and historical account data of all auctioneers interested in getting to the top of the page to decide which one will be offered the available spaces.

While free to set up and very similar to Google AdWords in how the platform is responding to tweaks and advertiser’s campaign updates, the main benefit of using Bing Ads is its additional reach. In some countries and regions, Bing’s share of the Search Engine market pie can be modest but this is still a market where users are looking for products and services you wish to promote.

At digitaladvertisingWorks, we know the importance of advertising on Bing. We have a vast knowledge of the platform and its specifics: we can build, run and manage  successful campaigns focused on your objectives. Typically, you will want to advertise on Bing to expand on your market and attain prospects your competitors might be neglecting.

Consider which platforms you wish to display your offers on. You do not have to restrict yourself to picking just one, you can reach different audiences with different tools.

At digitaladvertisingWorks, we apply our proven internal methodologies to analyze, define and build your Bing Ads campaign to attain maximal profitability. At every step of the way, we discuss those matters with you and seek your approval on those items. After launch, we use a proven in-house methodology to constantly optimize every part of the campaign so you can reap the benefits according to your goals and objectives.

digitaladvertisingWorks is a Business Unit of iiWorks. Our team comprises of highly qualified, experienced and trained individuals eager to help you reach your PPC targets. Contact us today for an obligation-free chat and a quote.

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