Bing PPC – How Is Bing Ads Different From AdWords?

With all the attention that Google and Google AdWords receive, it might be easy to overlook the benefits of Bing Ads…

Even though these two advertising options appear similar at the surface, there are some big differences in using a PPC campaign in Bing and Google.

This is not to suggest that one is necessarily better than the other. Several different factors determine whether Bing Ads or Google AdWords is the best option for you. We do want to touch on some of the major differences between Bing Ads and AdWords.

Budgeting options

Both AdWords and Bing Ads give you the option to limit how much you spend on a daily basis. However, Bing Ads also gives you an option to use a monthly budget. This allows for a ‘set it and forget it’ approach and allows you to pay a one-time fee for monthly ads.

Ad text

When it comes to ad copy, Google AdWords uses two description lines. Meanwhile, you have a longer, 71 character limit with Bing Ads. That might not sound like a radical change, but it makes more of a difference than you might think. It is possible to convey a different message and have a different feel with one more line of text. Anyone unable to appreciate the added dimension that an entire line of text can add should not be involved in advertising.

Broad match keywords

Broad match keywords will display your add if the user enters EACH of the word in your targeted keyword. This customer’s search query can be in any order. For example, if you are a florist and have a keyword ‘yellow flower’, it will match any search query that might include ‘yellow flower’ or ‘flowers that are yellow’, it will not come up with just ‘flowers’ or ‘yellow’. Unlike Google, it does not match plural to singular, but discrete synonym matching is sometimes an option.

Exact match keywords

The only time that Bing Ads will display your ad is when the exact word (or words) in your keyword appear in the same order as indicated. Unlike Google, Bing will ignore search query words like “an,” “the,” and “a.” The keywords that are highlighted by apostrophes are not ignored.

Bing PPC cost considerably less

One of the major differences between Bing Ads and Google AdWords is the fact that a PPC campaign on Bing (with the same keywords) is far more affordable than with Google. This often means a better rank for a more effective and competitive keyword phrase for less or about the same money as with Google.

Keep in mind that this can be different for each client and each keyword, but in some of the examples, the difference in savings with Bing was significant. The savings were somewhere between 49 and 71 percent. While it is true that fewer people might see an ad if it is displayed on Bing, the lower price makes it possible for Bing to offer lower costs per lead or per conversion.

What does this mean for PPC marketing?

There is no denying that for paid search advertisers, AdWords remains the logical choice for two reasons: better click-through rates and impressions. However, those advertisers seeking to maximise their search efforts will find that Bing offers a number of amazing options for people who want to get involved in PPC advertising.

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