AdWords Extensions – 2/2

A short guide on Google AdWords Extensions – Part 2

AdWords Extensions are a great way to generate a better click-through-rate by displaying relevant information to searchers next to your ads.

In this week’s post, we cover specific extensions and when you should use them in your campaigns. Make sure to have a read at our previous post where we look into Sitelinks in more detail.

Call extensions

You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you directly. With Call extensions, it is possible to incorporate your phone number in your text ads. These extensions will be displayed differently, depending on the device your visitors use. For high-end mobile devices, they will see a “call button” that they can hit right away, on tablets and desktops the phone number is applied alongside your ad text.

With the development of Enhanced Campaigns, these Call extensions have become increasingly refined. This allows marketing managers to view more extensive call-reporting metrics or measure phone call conversions.

When should you use this extension?

If you primarily generate leads or sales from phone calls, you should want to encourage searchers to call your business. If that is how you make your money, Call extensions can make it easy. Because Google does not allow for the use of phone numbers in ad copy, this might be the best method of ensuring that searchers can find your phone number.

Location extensions

If you could avoid using any of your ad space and still incorporate your business telephone number and address into your ad, it sounds like a great idea. Location extensions allow you to do just that. Having the location extension enabled will add another line into your ad. Oftentimes this will also include a map reference.

When should you use this extension?

If you have a brick and mortar store, you know that clients are going to want access to your physical location for their shopping. Taking advantage of the Location extensions is going to give them a chance to do so. If you want Google star ratings to appear alongside your location, link your Google Places account to AdWords.

Offer extensions

These serve as one of the latest ad extension innovations from Google. In order to drive searchers to click on their ads, you can present relevant offers within your ad text. If your visitors click on the link that shows them the offer, the Google hosted landing page will give them an option to “save the offer for later” or print it out right then and there. This provides another reason to visit your store and complete transactions without hesitating.

When should you use this extension?

If you have a local business and want to increase your foot traffic, this should be a standard extension to use. Especially those products that are difficult to sell online will benefit from this particular extension. The goal behind this is that if the user has been to a physical store once before, he or she will likely return in the future.

App extensions

If you have searchers that use mobile devices and tablets, these App extensions will make your apps far more accessible to such users. It does this by giving a link to the app directly within the ad copy. This immediate link is going to increase the odds of a customer actually clicking on your link.

When should you use this extension?

If you have your own app, you should definitely be using the App extension. This will make it far easier to download the app and have prospective users get started. If your clients already have the app, it allows you to guide them to specific parts of your app that might be relevant to their search.

To keep in mind

Remember that as long as you meet their criteria, some extensions such as Social Annotations and Seller Ratings will automatically be applied by Google. Now that you have a decent understanding of the best extensions for your business, make sure that you set them up. Keep in mind that setting up these extensions can be different, depending whether you opt for the Offer extensions, Call extensions, or Sitelinks extensions.

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